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          ( ) 1. A book B ruler C nose

          ( ) 2. A purple B finger C foot

          ( ) 3. A orange B monkey C yellow

          ( ) 4. A panda B bird C hot day

          ( ) 5. A milk B French fries C water

          ( ) 6. A balloon B eight C two


          brightest, hungry, peach, socks, supper, clean, photos

          1. a _____ dog __________________________

          2. three ______ trees __________________________

          3. take off your ______ __________________________

          4. the ______ light __________________________

          5. have ______ __________________________


          ( ) 1. Mrs Green is ______ mother. They are ______.

          A Lucy and Lily’s;twins B Lucy’s and Lily’s;twins’

          C Lucy and Lily’s;twin D Lucy’s and Lily’s; twins

          ( ) 2.What about something ____ ?

          A eat B drink C to eat D get

          ( ) 3.—is your new English teacher?

          -- The man under the tree, he is with Miss Gao.

          A Where B Which C Whose D What

          ( ) 4. Turn ____ the TV. I want to see the old film.

          A on B off C to D in

          ( ) 5. It’s good to be in ____ in summer(夏天).

          A black B white C orange D dark blue

          ( ) 6. Americans speak _____, you know.

          A Chinese B Japanese C English D American

          ( ) 7. -- _____ is the weather like today?

          -- It’s rainy.

          A What B How C When D Why

          ( ) 8. ____ can I go to the police station(警察局)? And ____ way shall I go?

          A What; which B How; what C How;which D how; what

          ( ) 9. The two girls are twins. _____ names are Lucy and Lily.

          A their B They’re C Their D Theirs

          ( ) 10.My father ____ English now.

          A reads B reading C is reading D read


          1. You can see that is a pear.(改為否定疑問句)

          _______ _________ see that is a pear?

          2. I can give her my pencil.(改為同義句)

          I can give my pencil ______ _______.

          3. The boy behind the door is Tom.(對畫線部分提問)

          _______ _________ is Tom?

          4. Li Lei is in Team Four. Lin Tao is in Team Four, too.(合為一句)

          Li Lei and Lin Tao ______ in ______ same team.

          5. Jack and Mick are American.(改為一般疑問句)

          ______ Jack and Mike ______?


          A: Hello, may I speak ______ Lili?

          B: Sorry, Lili isn’t ______. Is that you, Beibei?

          A: Yes, Beibei is speaking. Who’s _____, please?

          B:_____ is Lili’s mother. Lili told me you would come to help her _____ her English.

          A: Yes, but I can’t do that this evening.

          B: _____ not?

          A: My aunt will arrive this evening. I’ll have to _____ her at the airport.

          B: I’m ____ to hear that.

          A: Can you pass _____ a message to Lili?

          B: Yes, of _____.

          A: Thank you. Goodbye!

          B: Bye-bye!


          Two weeks before Christmas one year, I want to London with my mother. I __1__ forget the day. The streets were __2__ people. The shop windows were very bright. ,My mother held my hand and we both went into a toy(玩具)shop. The shop was full of __3__. There were nice toys __4__. Then I saw Father Christmas. I __5__ my mother by the hand. “Please __6__ me to Father Christmas,” I said. There were __7__ children near Father Christmas. They were standing __8__ line. Father Christmas spoken to every one of them. At last it was my __9__. “Hello, little Tom,” he said to me. As soon as I heard his __10__ I found out that he was my uncle, John Smith.

          1. A shall never B don’t C always D will

          2. A crowds of B full of C many D fill of

          3. A students B children C women D man

          4. A anywhere B somewhere C nowhere D everywhere

          5. A pulled B pushed C got D caught

          6. A let B take C ask D bring

          7. A a lot B much C lots of D few

          8. A by B in C with D at

          9. A time B turn C toy D present

          10. A sound B noise C voice D call


          One day, Allan and his friend Henry went swimming in a river. It was very hot. How happy they were in the river! After they got out of the water, they played games in the sun for a while.

          On their way back, Henry saw some flowers. He liked flowers very much and ran into the green field to look at them. Now Allan was walking by himself.

          Then he heard Henry calling out, “A snake! Help!...”

          “What’s wrong with you?” asked Allan.

          “A snake bit(咬)me in the leg. Come here!”

          Allan ran over and saw a small red wound(傷口)on Henry’s leg.

          “The snake was in the grass. I didn’t see it.”

          “Sit down quickly,” Allan told Henry.

          Allan put his mouth at the little red wound and began to suck(吸)at it. In this way he saved(挽救)Henry’s life. “”Oh, Allan. It’s very kind of you to help me.”

          “That’s all right. We are friends and we must always help each other.”


          ( ) 1. It was _____ when Allan and Henry went out.

          A hot B cold C raining D wet

          ( ) 2. After swimming, they played in the sun ______.

          A the whole morning B for 2 hours C long D for a while

          ( ) 3. On their way home, _____ got something wrong with his ______.

          A Allan; leg B Allan; head C Henry; leg D Henry; head

          ( ) 4. Henry and Allan are _____.

          A workers B good friends C brothers D farmers

          ( ) 5. Which of the following(下面的)is true?

          A Henry went to look at the flowers with Allan.

          B Allan saved Henry’s life.

          C Allan saw the snake.

          D They ran to the hospital at once.